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Credible TraceabilityAutomated Detection For Both Physical Cloning And Digital Cloning


Non-Clonable Copy-Proof Print

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Introducing our Non-Clonable Print Technology, providing Blockchain-grade QR codes! Unlike stop-gaps, Linksmart Non-Clonable Print offers a robust engineering guarantee against duplication. It seamlessly integrates with standard printing processes and can be scanned even by low-end smartphones and even app-lessly. Instant, precise, and automated scanning ensures reliable performance even with very low authentication rates, eliminating the need for costly ground investigations. Listed below are unique differentiators:

  • Fully automated detection not only for physical photocopies but also for digital duplicates
  • Protection against unauthorized un-official production of the originals
  • Support on the widest range of smartphones
  • Seamlessly scannable upon various surfaces, whether curved, flat, flexible, or glossy.
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Non-Clonable Labels

Automated & Trackable Tamper Evidence

Linksmart Non-Clonable smartDNA labels offer a single-point umbrella solution to the unsolved problems of “Product and Packaging Security” especially For Secondary Packaging. Traditionally Tamper-evidence Has Been Manual – Now The Tamper tamper-evidence has been Made Automated and trackable. With strong global IP Linksmart’s label solution offers guaranteed protection even against the deepest insider threats. Since per-piece unique signatures auto-acquired at time-of- application (and not at time of manufacturing) smartDNA labels are immune of unofficial production of originals. Extended solutioning may be offered with option of Real Time Location/Tampering Alerts.

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Reusable Security Pkg Solutions

Truly sustainable reusable security packaging With Unlimited Reuse Based On Non-destructive Tamper-evidence In Contrast To The Traditional Destructive tamper-evidence Render Transformational Changes. Fully automated Track-able and non-destructive Tamper-evidence Enables Smart Packaging Solutions for a Variety Of Delivery Businesses Making Supply Chain Management Very Simple. Get Ready To Witness Smart, Reliable, And Sustainable Delivery With Unbelievable Disruption In Packaging Cost.

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Technology Pureplay – Automated Detection

 Supply Chain Frauds Resolved Without Manual Investigation

Surface Agnostic – Non Cloanble Impressions

Mass Deployable Agnostic of Flexible/Curved/Wrinkled/Glossy

Environmental Sustainability With Bonus Benefits

 Enables Immediate RoI – Cost & Operational Efficiency

Instant, Precise & Automated – No Hidden Cost 

No Overhead of Manual or Orchestrated Ground Investigations


“Linksmart has provided very pointed solution to our block-chain based offering in supply chain. Securing duplication of the QR codes at the physical level was challenge and the solution perfectly fills the gap in our offering.”

“Linksmart solution of automated detection of photocopy & automated tamper evidence, based on their global IP & inline with regular scanning has helped to migrate threat from insiders & scale our operation.”

“What really exciting about LINKSMART Copy-Proof QR is that even digital duplicate gets caught in automated scan. Now we do not see any false alarms coming from digital scans as in our earlier traditional QR codes based solution requiring us to initiate futile ground investigation. LINKSMART capability to extend performance liability on piece-by-piece adds to our comfort factor.”

“Linksmart Non-Clonable labels have been instrumental towards automating our digital supply chain. With automated & trackable tamper-evidence, now fraud gets resolved by technology pureplay without entering into conventional investigative methods those eventually lands into black-hole and cause administrative hassles”

Customer’s Privacy is an important aspect of LINKSMART way of doing business and accordingly Identity disclosure not done in the public domain.


Linksmart Technologies solely owns smartDNA® IP and associated patent grants globally. smartDNA® technology can be sub-licensed directly from Linksmart Technologies or its authorized Licensee, operating under a suitable agreement. To inquire or know more about Sub-Licensing restrictions, limitations, value-added benefits like additional co-existing technology rights, long-term cost optimization and solution consultation, do drop in an email with details required to

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