Non-Additive (In-Line Print) Solutions

Be Smart with SmartDNAFully Automated On-Spot Authentication
Credible TraceabilityAutomated Detection For Both Physical Cloning And Digital Cloning
No More Jargons RatherCapability to Extend Hard Performance Guarantee


Comprehensive copy-proof protection along with the per-piece unique signature in standard print-line truly enables blockchain QRCode. Blockchain can not secure the physical layer of the supply chain without comprehensively securing the tags i.e root-of-trust. A unique combination of simplicity with performance guarantee without any tweaks, tricks, and compromises. Ready-to-use solution. These QR codes are equally protected from physical and digital copies.

  •  Anti-Counterfeit

Upgrade your existing QRCode to clone-proof using our self-service portal. Generate, Download, and Print clone-proof QRCodes in just a few steps.

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