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Be Smart with SmartDNAFully Automated On-Spot Authentication
Credible TraceabilityAutomated Detection For Both Physical Cloning And Digital Cloning
No More Jargons RatherCapability to Extend Hard Performance Guarantee

About Company

Linksmart is an IP-intensive B2B start-up focusing on “Product and Packaging security” driving a friendly disruption in the new paradigm of “Open-label, Open Verification” leveraging its core technology under the brand name smartDNA®.  Linksmart Technologies is disrupting the security labelling space with its Global IP footprint. In contrast to known stop-gap technologies, smartDNA™ is a new paradigm extending credible authentication from the first mile to the last. Our goal is to offer a single-point packaging security solution that remains protected despite connivance between insiders. Managed by individuals with extensive industry experience, our core belief systems are designed to ensure that the behavioural context is rooted in our company’s culture and core values. The company is managed for its impact, value creation & competitiveness, and is committed to ethics of responsibility, quality, and delivery.

Linksmart Technologies offers smartDNA™ as Pure Technology License, Integrated Solution, and customized Build-Operate-Transfer model.


Effectively apply smart proprietary technology to customers’ safety and security needs in the area of high-value or high-impact tangible goods. Our first priority is to deliver value to our customers.


Delivering knowledge-based competitive and sustained advantage for our customers that are in need of secure handling of their high-value and high-impact tangible goods. Extending Verifiability, Auditability, and 360° Accountability with our solutions offering end-to-end security beyond “What you know”, “What you have” and “Who you are”.


Providing innovative, safe and low cost authentication and verification solutions to the business community in its quest to ensure the integrity of its physical goods. Tampering, concealed loss and counterfeiting are serious and widely prevailing business threats across the globe.


smartDNA®, The intellectual property of Linksmart Technologies, effectively addresses primary risk factors such as connivance, tampering, and counterfeiting. smartDNA® labels provide impeccable and legally acceptable evidence. The patent for the IP is registered in major international jurisdictions. The product is certified by multiple renowned companies and organizations.


Niche security services that enable organizations across industry sectors to mitigate threats in their internal and external supply chain. The IP-oriented highly-scalable disruptive security solutions give emphasis on insider threat protection. Having its core competence in developing IP based security solutions, Linksmart is emerging as a dominant provider in cutting edge security technology solutions.

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