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smartDNA® Reusable Security Packaging

What We Do?

Product Anti-Counterfeit

Piece-by-piece precise protection even under the very low rate of authentication.  Brand-owner do not need to worry about the unofficial production of originals in connivance with authorized vendors.

Automated Tamper-Evidence

Fully automated detection of package-tampering despite the same label re-used or another identical & genuine one used in connivance with your insiders and vendors. Comprehensive & instant photocopy detection in automated scan.

Content Re-fill Solution

Save your spend on jugaad & stop-gaps. smartDNA’ed CAP/WAD is ready-to-use, aesthetic and guaranteed solution without any operational step. Per-piece uniue signature acquired on packaging-line as bottles getting sealed.

Remote Warranty Validation

Warranty validation remains a pain-point ? Do upfront validation of warranty remotely and activate free or paid warranty accordingly. Prevent warranty fraud in possible connivance of your service staff.

Document Verification

Over-dependence on special paper, ink, print, covert/overt features? All of these put together can be manipulated in connivance. With smartDNA defeat replication despite insiders having access to originals.

Affordable Smart Tracking

Convert NFC in smarter NFC detecting reuse on same or another packaging along with traditional smart tracking. 3x-5x cost optimization along-with 2-factor reliability and security.

Credible Loyalty Distribution

Leverage hybrid scan on same label – A unique feature of smartDNA. External scan ensures pkg-security & internal scan enables loyalty. External scan not possible after the internal scan.

Credible Asset-flow Tracking

Production-plan, sales-forecast & real-time geographical monitoring of asset flow in forward & reverse supply-chain hierarchy based on credible scan of actual physical asset.

Widest Portfolio Globally

Umbrella Solution addressing broader needs of pkg-security enabling new ways of doing things. Do away with stop-gaps point solutions. smart supply chain begins with smartDNA®.

Stop Depending on stop-gaps,Be smart with smartDNA®

5 Point – Brand Protection Strategy


Instant, Precise and fully Automated authentication by smart-phone


No vendor provided credential,vendor no more root-of-trust as unique signature is acquired on packaging line


Credible authentication, Credible Tracking along with optional feature of Smart-Tracking


Single point umbrella solution for product-counterfeit, package-tampering, content-refill, affordable smart-tracking and credible loyalty


Real credible tracking with unlimited verification even under low authentication rate


Label Format
Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper-evident, Warranty fraud prevention, Credible loyalty use-cases, Per-piece uniqueness ,machine-verifiable and Fully Automated Photocopy detection
Strip Format
Low cost solution for counterfeit use-case. Ready to use in strip format and mfg. integration at customer’s vendor premises. Ideal for Flexible packaging & space constraint packaging
Cap/Wad Format
Ready to use solution provided by your Cap/Wad vendors. Bullet proof security against Refill tampering & counterfeiting as unique credential gets auto-acquired at packaging line
Affordable Smart Tracking
Revolutionary technology for Credible smart-tracking and block-chain use cases.Up-to 3x-5x cost optimization & 2-factor by single scan of RF / VISION for 2-Factor Relaibility

We do more than just protecting your brand ?

smartDNA® umbrella technology not only solves traditional security issues but also provides innovative and smart solutions


Know more!

Packaging Agnostic & Umbrella solution

Complete solution for counterfeit, tampering, refill, smart-tracking, credible loyalty distribution & supply chain visualization. Supports any form-factor of packaging while other solutions at best can address counterfeit and outsider threat.

Protected & Globally Scalable

smartDNA® is global brand with strong global IP.  Strong technological foundation enables bulk manufacturing by any converter anywhere in world in fastest lead time unlike others having restricted location & slow manufacturing

Real Time Trapping of Counterfeits

Trap counterfeiters in real time even with ultra low authentication rate by monitoring on live portal without any human intervention while on other hand random number system completely fails in low authentication rate segment.

Zero Human Intervention in Authentication

Delivers Truly Instant, Fully automated & Precise authentication without human intervention & Restriction free scan supports variable height & alignment.

Size-Agnostic technology

While others becomes in-effective on label-size reduction and authentication  becomes error-prone on label size increase. smartDNA® has no impact of increase/decrease of the label size.

Sturdiness & Intentional Defacing

While others are prone to mechanical wear & tear which can potentially affect their fine patterns. smartDNA® holds fully integrated symmetrical robust structure. Any external mark is identified in true precise manner.

Solution Delivery Model

IP Licensing
Linksmart Technologies solely owns smartDNA® IP and associated patent grants globally. smartDNA® technology can be sub-licensed directly from Linksmart Technologies or its authorized Licensee, operating under a suitable agreement. To inquire or know more about Sub-Licensing restrictions, limitations, value-added benefits like additional co-existing technology rights, long-term cost optimization and solution consultation, do drop in an email with details required to 
Hybrid Build-Operate-Transfer
In the long run, businesses may have the option to subscribe to build-operate-transfer model. In summary, this is about starting with solution-sales but following an acquaintance period scaling with owning the deployment via a combination of IP and/or Solution Licensing.
Industrial Customization
We consistently customize smartDNA technology for quick adoption by various industries. Our Solutions portfolio on this portal, while not comprehensive, demonstrates the use of smartDNA to suit a pretty broad spectrum of known use-cases. Any new use case requiring new integration is always welcome. White labeling, in-app integration. modular integration is inherently supported.

Get access to precisive and performing solution with cost-of-acquisition at par with traditional stop-gaps

Do not end-up verifying vendor’s label with vendor’s signature using vendor’s APP and eventually making vendor APP as root-of-trust. With smartDNA® – Authentication is against registered signature generated on brand-owner’s pkg-line. Absolutely no worry of the authorized vendor doing the unofficial production of original smartDNA.


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