Tamper-Evidence + Counterfeit-Evidence

smartDNA® is unique technology that can offer both tamper-evidence and counterfeit. In context of some high value products (for example wines/cosmetics) protecting primary packaging from counterfeiting is not sufficient as it can be misused to re-fill the un-authorized content and presented to consumers as original brand. This necessitates need of tamper-evidence around capping enclosure, which can also be used as anti-counterfeiting measure before product is sold to end-customer. It will be worthwhile to mention that capping enclosure with in-built tamper-evidence is not the solution for re-fill but only proves tamper-evidence before the sale. After re-fill a counterfeiter will also does similar capping enclosure like original. Hence solution is to use non-replicable tamper-evident label around capping which extends per-piece unique verifiable credential.  Once this is achieved, it is all done and brand owners do not need additional procurement for anti-counterfeit stickers.

smartDNA® Packaging Security solution - Plastic Jar and Carton pack

smartDNA®  is only security label known to world, which has real capability to mitigate insider threat. Insider threat is most important factor in this crime as it is quite common to find counterfeiting is driven by nexus of insiders (sometimes directly packaging/logistics department personnel emmployed by brand owner) and vendors of security label. Many times authorized contract manufacturer does un-official production. For security label vendor selling genuine labels to counterfeiter is attractive business. In case of smartDNA®, even if an insider having access to  identical & genuine labels, credential is auto-generated and really there is nothing that can be leaked. Further smartDNA® today is only known label that has instant in-field fornesic verification capability without requiring special expertise or equipment.



With slight modification around capping system brand owners can leverage capability of smartDNA®. Adoption of smartDNA® requires per-unit serialization, that needs to be maintained in database hosted on cloud. Quite often the traditional tamper-evidence labeling around capping is done manually and in those cases smartDNA® can also be applied manually and registration scan can be done off production-line. Subsequently product can be verified in field using smartphone quickly & precisely.

Note: Brands shown in above pictures or elsewhere on this website  are only for illustrative purpose and no relation with smartDNA® is being claimed.