Strategic engagement with Intellectual Ventures

linksmart strategic engagement with intellectual venture
Linksmart Technologies has entered into a strategic engagement with global invention capital leader Intellectual Ventures (IV). The engagement will provide funding for Linksmart Technologies to further refine its product offering as well as enhance its intellectual property (IP) portfolio. IV will also have the option to integrate Linksmart’s smartDNA® related IP with certain of IV’s inventions or patents. Under the terms of the agreement, IV will receive several years of exclusive access to smartDNA® for use in all global geographies. The engagement will allow Linksmart to both provide its smartDNA® technology directly to customers and also pursue a pure technology licensing model. The engagement will cover two Linksmart technologies as well as End-to-End (E2E) solutions based on the technology. These two technologies are Linksmart’s smartDNA® technology as well as its Reusable Security Envelopes technology.

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