Rigid surface packaging solution

Corrugated carton scanning and Remote-Monitoring solution


Directly-on-flap application: suitable for single side open cartons.

Traditional strap application: Most generic suitable for all format of carton boxes in almost all kind of use cases.

Reusable Strap application: smartDNA® is applied on buckle of reusable strapping optionally with 3 dial number lock. These buckles will allow one time insertion of strapping belt. Most suitable for meeting client security expectation in warehousing/storage, record management, Dedicated point-to-point Logistics (for example, movers and packers industry) wherein re-usability of straps can be leveraged. These cartons can also be used as envelope carton for safe storage services for end-customer carton.

smartDNA® on lock of the metal box


smartDNA® on enclosure of the lock


smartDNA® on enclosure of the metal box strapping


Components of solution