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Per-piece Unique signature generated directly on packaging line with per-piece unique signature acquired as caps being sealed. With a clear cap-top, end-customers can now authenticate the product before purchasing. smartDNA® detects tampering despite usage of identical CAP/WAD and thus extending absolute guarantee against act of refill in connivance.
  •  Comprehensive anti-refill solutioning along-with tamper-evidence and anti-counterfeit
  •  Ready-to-use smartDNA’ed CAP/WAD provided by vendor
  •  Extraordinary aesthetics and appeal
  •  Operational overhead of other stop-gap jugad measures not needed

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smartDNA® leverages unique IP of HYBRID SCAN on same label. External scan detects package integrity while internal scan ensures loyalty distribution only after opening the package. This ensures that loyalty is being claimed by genuine customer.
  •  External scan indicates tampering after internal scan or after package is opened
  •  External scan for product security and internal for loyalty


smartDNA® enables instant & credible remote authentication. Credible remote validation of warranty can bring down the cost and speed of warranty validation.Claiming warranty for tampered or counterfeited product under dealer, customer and/or employee connivance comes under umbrella of warranty fraud.Using m-Warranty, all stakeholders including manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and end-user customers can collaborate to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance customer experience.
  •  Enhance business performance, reduce warranty and service contract costs, and ensure product quality
  •  Automate claim processing based on business rules

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Affordable Smart Tracking

Smart tracking needs non-clonable NFC which is 3x-5x costly. Also, there is no differentiation between original-went-defective and fake-turned-damaged as both does not scan. smartDNA® in combination with cheaper clonable NFC unlocks a new horizon for affordable smart-tracking.
Not just 3x-5x cost optimized, it is also 2 factor reliable and 2 factor secure.Both technology are smartphone scanable and one single scan perform smart-tracking and automated tamper-detection. smartDNA® is disposed on face stock on traditional NFC.
  • Single Scan for NFC and smartDNA® Label
  • Smart Tracking
  • Cost Optimized Smart Tracking with Bulletproof Security

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Traditional plastic seals are used in variety of application such as Airlines, Cargo, Trailers, Tankers,Containers etc., which come with unique number or barcode. These seals are indeed tamper-evident but can be duplicated by insider/outsider quickly and there is no duplication-evident feature. No wonder – seals found intact but content found tampered.
smartDNA® adds both duplication-evidence and remote-monitoring capability to make these traditional seals smarter. Remote/Online monitoring provides capability to businesses for tracking time of scan, operator identity and location of scan along with seal’s integrity.
  •  Tamper Evident
  •  Duplication Evident
  •  Remote Monitoring

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This solution hierarchically links parent and child packages inside primary/secondary/tertiary packaging. Hierarchical scan data gets visible on monitoring portal and as well as on scanner. Well supported on automated / semi-automated lines. Linkages goes beyond plain hierarchal mapping like number-system rather it credibly authenticates each unit in isolation as well.


Select geographical regions for your supply chain domain. Visualize the asset flow as they move across hierarchical levels in the supply chain. No more manual updates, asset-flow gets marked on per-level basis in both forward and reverse logistics. Scanning credibly indicated the physical asset. Leverage the data for production-planning, sales-forecast.

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