Smart Solutions

Smart solutions are distinguished end-to-end offerings based on smartDNA®, wherein concept of smartDNA® is exercised in niche manner  in association with existing mass market packaging technologies. Other than core benefits of security value proposition is multi-dimensional like eco-friendliness, time and effort saving.

  • Warrant

    m-Warranty – Fraud Prevention and Remote Validation

      Above picture captures a detailed warranty service workflow. For Example, world-wide warranty spends by Auto and Discrete Industry stands at ~ $70 Billion with the Automotive OEMs accounting for $ 30bn+. On an average, OEMs spend 1% to 4% of their revenue on Warranty and related costs. A deeper look at the spend and […]

  • smartdna_ed_safola_oil

    Tamper-Evidence + Counterfeit-Evidence

    smartDNA® is unique technology that can offer both tamper-evidence and counterfeit. In context of some high value products (for example wines/cosmetics) protecting primary packaging from counterfeiting is not sufficient as it can be misused to re-fill the un-authorized content and presented to consumers as original brand. This necessitates need of tamper-evidence around capping enclosure, which […]


    Personnel Tracking

    Personnel Tracking & Monitoring Solution helps tracking of personnel during duty/office hours where physical supervision may not be feasible. Examples can be that Security personnel for Industrial site, Factory premise, Prison perimeter, Shopping complex or even that of a large gated housing complex. Security personnel are required to patrol through designated checkpoints while using different means […]

  • it-asset-security

    IT Asset Management

    Asset management typically involves either one or combination of terms like security, tracking and credible-tracking. Often CIO (chief information officer) and CSO (chief security officer) are found puzzled between terms.  Today many employers need regular auditing & tracking of IT assets. One known solution is RF tag based tracking. RF tags are fundamentally excellent for […]

  • illustration


    smartDNA® is the strongest known passive labeling technology with billions of unique signatures along with legally admissible evidence with cost-effectiveness. These features make smartDNA® the best choice for tamper-evidence application.

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    smartDNA® is single-point technology solution for anti-counterfeit as well in addition to tamper-evidence. Being surface agnostic smartDNA® can be applied on flat, curved and flexible packaging. smartDNA® can be applied on packaging in automated fashion using label applicators. and scan-able through wide ranging scanners ranging from in-factory high-speed scanners to in-field smartphone/PDA scanners.