smart packaging solution – Apply, Scan & Monitor

Linksmart smart Packaging solution presents significant advancement for both flexible & rigid packaging, in terms of security, insider threat protection and asset-monitoring. Existing state-of-the-art solutions are fundamentally deficient, as those considers only outsider threat in threat-model. During recent past, world has witnessed trend of re-usability in tamper-evident packaging but eventually security is compromised and as result neither those remains tamper-evident  or duplication-evident in real sense. Linksmart smart packaging is sealed by smartDNA® labels. smartDNA® label auto-acquire per-piece unique credential, which is new milestone for security labels to mitigate insider threat. With millions of unique signatures, it presents a new paradigm in passive security label. smartDNA® can not be scanned once decoupled from packaging, and thus asset-integrity  can not be false reported on monitoring portal as in case of Barcode/QRcode/RF and other security tags,  wherein a malicious insider can do scan in isolation and false-report on remote monitoring portal. Usage is pretty simple: Apply smartDNA® label, scan using Google Play hosted application on smartphone and start remotely monitoring assets. For re-usability, only label needs to be changed. And all these is achieved at lower total cost-of-acquisition (TCO), when compared to existing known solution. Below sections present a pictorial capture of security requirements, current trends and newly emerged solutions.

Duplication-evidence as integral part of  security packaging


  • Rigid surface packaging


  • Flexible surface packaging