Smart Seals

Traditional Seals made Smarter

Traditional plastic seals are used in variety of application such as Airlines, Cargo, Trailers, Tankers, Rail & Sea Freight, Containers, Refineries, Warehouses, Valves, Hatches, Lockers and energy meters. These seals also come with unique number or barcode. These seals are indeed tamper-evident but can be duplicated by insider/outsider quickly and there is no duplication-evident feature. No wonder – seals found intact but content found tampered.

smartDNA® adds both duplication-evidence and remote-monitoring capability to make these traditional seals smarter. Remote/Online monitoring provides capability to businesses for tracking time of scan, operator identity and location of scan along with seal’s integrity.


Smart seals for Other vertical

1. Airlines,

2. Cargo,

3. Trailers,

4. Tankers,

5. Rail & Sea Freight,

6. Containers,

7. Refineries,

8. Warehouses,

9. Valves,

10. Hatches,

11. Lockers.