Security Sales Manager (Jobcode: SM0041)

This job entails developing sales opportunities for Security Solutions and directing the sales efforts of same to new and existing clients.

Key Responsibilities:
Relationship Development:
1. Develop and leverage existing relationships with potential buyers through personal meetings, presentations, speaking engagements, business networking, telephone calls, personal emails, personal mailings, business forums, direct marketing, and/or other business or social outings.

Client Demand Stimulation and Opportunity Generation:
1. Identify specific sales opportunities within existing and prospective clients.
2. Work with client’s team to determine requirements and/or specifications, build client value proposition and shape the deal
3. Using appropriate sales processes and tools, determine and recommend through the appropriate New Business Meetings/forums which opportunities to pursue and obtain BD funding and support.
4. Engage in activities focused at generating client awareness of the firm and/or demand for its Services (may include developing/sending promotional materials, presenting in business forums, charitable activities, business associations, etc.)

Sales Process Leadership:
1. Lead Sales Process for specific approved opportunities, complying with internal sales stage entry/exit requirements.
2. Construct and execute opportunity plan, including win themes, win tactics & action plan, relationship plan, and price-to-win
3. Review solution plans, cost models and written proposals as appropriate to ensure alignment with sales strategy, win themes, and price-to-win
4. Establish and maintain qualified sales pipeline of a minimum of 3X annual sales target

Position: Full-time
Location: Bangalore