High-Value Asset Vaulting

smartDNA® Technology for safety and security of high value asset.

Various systems for high value asset registration, authentication, clear title underwriting, valuation, work flow management, trading and lien recording are in place in a number of industries like jewellery, Gold loan companies, Art Dealers, etc. Despite this, high-value asset storage is often exposed to risks of pilferage, counterfeiting and concealed loss. By virtue of the commodity’s high value and its small size, insider hands are more prone to cause this loss. Pilferage / Concealed loss is the most prevalent and active risk with no visible proof for theft.  Though significant efforts have been put to develop various measures to counter the risk of pilferage / intrusion to the packages by OUTSIDERS, the focus towards containing the risk of   INSIDER THREAT is not commensurate.

LinkSmart Technologies introduces an all new concept with its path breaking technology in addressing the risk of INSIDER THREAT through its flagship product smartDNA® labels.



 Features of smartDNA® Technology

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Typical Gold-Loan Life-cycle and smartDNA® Solution:


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Key Benefits 

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