Refill Protection

Product Code: smartDNA®-WADS

Security Feature: Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper-evidence, Refill Protection

Per-piece Unique signature generated in packaging line (during application) with integration in traditional wad-seal. With a clear cap-top, end-customers can now authenticate the product before purchasing.

Once the WAD-seal is torn/destroyed, smartDNA smartphone App detects tampering and any attempt to use another wad-seal (even original like), smartDNA App detects tampering and alerts the use accordingly, preventing purchase of a refill-ed branded container with spurious content. In case, Counterfeiter manages to re-fill the branded container with spurious content and re-applies the WAD-seal, smartDNA auto-signature change technology detects signature mis-match, and alerts both the authenticating user as well as the brand.