Public Initimation for Kenya Distribution

                                      TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN


Linksmart Technologies Private Limited is happy to announce that that “Evolve Media Limited’ P. O. Box 4552 City Square, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya, has been appointed as partner for smartDNA™ distribution and solution integration . This is not  pure technology licensing and scope of partnership will be about distribution plus solution delivery. Therefore Evolve Media Limited has authorization to propose, discuss, negotiate and deploy end-to-end solution based on smartDNA™. Authorization includes exercising various intellectual property of Linksmart within the geographical region of Kenya. However Evolve Media will be sourcing smartDNA™ labels and its scanning infrastructure by Linksmart for any commercial purpose. Evolve Media will have right to customize the IT part of solution. Evolve Media will publish relevant information regarding authorization to exercise smartDNA™ based solution on its website and exercise due care in dissemination of confidential information. Acceptance of commercials of any business proposal submitted by Evolve Media will be based on its merit without any legal binding. In case of any clarification, will be contact point for any solicited enquiry.