Below is declaration of Privacy Policy in context of our smartDNA-One app hosted on GooglePlay and sharing of data with associated servers.

Handling of sensitive data

Our apps may request permissions to use data from camera sensor. This data is handled as personal and sensitive information and our apps will not send any other data from camera except for data that is captured for label scanning. Camera is never used by APP to collect any personally identifying data. App does not need or share any data from Microphone.

Advertising identifier

Our App does not display any form of advertising from any network.

App analytics

Our apps use Google Analytics to collect non-personal information, such as device model, device OS version, and application specific settings for smartDNA® label scanning and approximate location (country, city). The analytics data does not identify you individually. We use this data to improve our apps.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is an add-on feature to be enabled by only specific enterprise those have business need of location-tracking of their employee/affiliates while a high value asset is under transit in custody of said employee/affiliate. Location-tracking start only when high value asset comes under custody and auto-stops once it reaches its destination. Only used in B2B model wherein location tracking is declared upfront and part of standard operating procedure. location-tracking data can be used for fraud investigation. Not to be shared with any 3rd party unless there is such legal obligation to share with competent law enforcement agencies. There is in-app prominent disclosure provided in APP before the location-tracking starts.

Sharing data

We may share our analytical data with our cloud server. None of these data is personally identifying in any  form under any law in any country.

Contact Information

App may ask for mobile number only to encourage smartDNA effectiveness however this is purely optional and not mandatory. Email information will be subject to explicit consent of used and APP does not send or collect your email address at its own. App do not send SMS unless user agree and each time user is prompted for the same

Updated March, 2021

We reserve the right to change this policy