Personnel Tracking

Identify-full, Location-full & Real-time Alert

Personnel Tracking & Monitoring Solution helps tracking of personnel during duty/office hours where physical supervision may not be feasible. Examples can be that Security personnel for Industrial site, Factory premise, Prison perimeter, Shopping complex or even that of a large gated housing complex.

Security personnel are required to patrol through designated checkpoints while using different means to denote completed check. Today RF/NFC tags or Fingerprint scanning are used to register entry with the later being prohibitingly expensive with high CAPEX and subsequent maintenance. While RF/NFC tags are ideal as tracking technology, leveraging them for credible tracking is not possible due to easy cloning (photocopy) which is possible by the technology provider (vendor) and their insiders. Along with the lack of security, RF/NFC tags does not identify individual personnel and provide location (geo co-ordinates) of scan location.

smartDNA®  is high security tagging technology specially designed to defeat Insider Threat. smartDNA®  tags are manufactured identically which acquire per-piece unique signature, only on application, captured using a standard smartphone. Due to absence of embedded signature, no one can replicate the signature including Insiders.

Using the solution is as simple as applying a smartDNA®  label on a stationary (ex. wall) fixture and Registering the same. Security personnel can now scan the label every time they pass through the check-point or simply to record their attendance. Coupled with the location capture automatically, every personnel may be required (option feature) to sign on-screen during every scan. All scan record can be viewed by an authorized individual on sAMM (smartDNA® Authentication Management & Monitoring portal) easily. smartDNA® scanner can detect duplicate label or fake scans against unauthorized tag.

smartDNA®  solution has following distinctive features:

  • Identifyfull – Individual identification by capturing signature and picture
  • Locationfull – Auto-capture location of real and fake (duplicate label) scans
  • Real-time Alert – custom business logic to generate on non-scans or duplicate label detection
  • High Security – Duplication not possible, even with identical & genuine tags
  • Versatility – When applied on Asset, can detect tampering such as on Shutter keyhole, Padlocks or individual physical assets within Industrial or Commercial premises
  • Cost Effective – Very competitive pricing while providing high security using advanced technology

Sample illustration of Security Personnel Patrol Remote Monitoring Portal using smartDNA® .