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smartDNA Features

  • Apply, Scan, Monitor

    smartDNA is a new age solution. The labels get a new DNA upon application. This DNA can be scanned through your smartphone or an industrial scanner, and can be monitored through out ingenious cloud portal.

  • Legally Admissible and Complaint

    First Technology to pack a legal evidence against counterfeiters and frauds.

  • owning


Our Products

  • smartDNA®-Label


    Super combination label for counterfeit, tamper-evident, warranty remote-validation & fraud-prevention use-case. Per-piece unique machine-verifiable forensic credential. Branding options available for customized offering. No limitation on scan records. Ready-to-use solution.

    Size Availability: customizable

  • smartDNA®-LITE


    Most Suited usecase: Economy version of ULTIMA. Only human verifiable forensic credential. Best suited for curved surface application OR medium security flat surface.Limitation on scan records on Linksmart managed monitoring portals.

    Size Availability: customizable

    • smartDNA®-NANO-S1


      Per-piece unique machine verifiable holograms. Low cost application providing price parity with traditional holograms but providing unique non clonable credential with credible tracking.Limitation on scan record on Linksmart managed portal and higher MoQ apply.

      Size availability: customizable

    • smartDNA®- NANO-S2


      Per-piece unique machine verifiable with QRcoding. Low cost application providing price parity with traditional holograms but providing unique non-clonable credential with credible tracking. Limitation on scan record on Linksmart managed portal and higher MoQ apply

      Size availability: customizable

    • smartDNA®-SINGULAR


      Single label, Single Application and product is ready to be authenticated in field. These labels are pre-registered and hence there is no change in packaging-line and applicable to variety of product/packaging being surface agnostic (flat/flexible/cylindrical) . Pre-registered labels can be extended on tear evident material and/or de-adhesive material flap to address use-case of liquor bottle kind of packaging for both counterfeit and tamper-evidence.

      Size availability :D irect & in-line Integrated into Product Label

    • smartDNA®-HYBRID


      Suitable for very high security application with passive labels. with smartDNA®, label invisible region provide automation-grade & supply-chain grade scanning even after decades of exposure to external climate. Requires accessory along with smartphone to scan both visible & invisible region but advantage of hybrid version is that it can also be scanned in semi-hybrid mode by standard smartphone alone. Can be integrated in product label. Applicable for all usecases including counterfeit-evidence, tamper-evidence & warranty validation.

      Size Availability: customizable

    • Label-less Products

    • smartDNA®-WADS

      Security Features: Anti-Counterfeit, Tamper-evidence, Refill Protection

      Per-piece Unique signature generated in packaging line (during application) with integration in traditional wad-seal. With a clear cap-top, end-customers can now authenticate the product before purchasing.

      Once the WAD-seal is torn/destroyed, smartDNA smartphone App detects tampering and any attempt to use another wad-seal (even original like), smartDNA App detects tampering and alerts the use accordingly, preventing purchase of a refill-ed branded container with spurious content. In case, Counterfeiter manages to re-fill the branded container with spurious content and re-applies the WAD-seal, smartDNA auto-signature change technology detects signature mis-match, and alerts both the authenticating user as well as the brand.

    • smartDNA®-IQR
      smartDNA-IQR - Packaging Security at disruptive pricing

      Security Features: Anti-Counterfeit, Warranty

      • Auto-acquired per-piece unique smartDNA® Credential by IQR on packaging line
      • Auto-acquired per-piece unique Forensic Credential by IQR on packaging line
      • Instant & Automated smartphone authentication for both smartDNA® and Forensic Credential
      • Quick Visual Verification (LID Test)
      • Applicable in high-speed packaging line
      • Available in ready-to-use label-roll in pre-registered or for registration post-application at brand-owner premises

    Our Solutions

    • Tamper-Evidence

      smartDNA® is the strongest known passive labeling technology with billions of unique signatures along with legally admissible evidence with cost-effectiveness. These features make smartDNA® the best choice for tamper-evidence application.

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    • Anti-Counterfeit

      smartDNA® is single-point technology solution for anti-counterfeit as well in addition to tamper-evidence. Being surface agnostic smartDNA® can be applied on flat, curved and flexible packaging. smartDNA® can be applied on packaging in automated fashion using label applicators. and scan-able through wide ranging scanners ranging from in-factory high-speed scanners to in-field smartphone/PDA scanners.

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    • Smart Solutions

      Smart solutions are distinguished end-to-end offerings based on smartDNA®, wherein concept of smartDNA® is exercised in niche manner in association with existing mass market packaging technologies. Other than core benefits of security value proposition is multi-dimensional like eco-friendliness, time and effort saving.

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    • Tamper-Evidence + Counterfeit-Evidence

      smartDNA® is unique technology that can offer both tamper-evidence and counterfeit. In context of some high value products (for example wines/cosmetics) protecting primary packaging from counterfeiting is not sufficient as it can be misused to re-fill the un-authorized content and presented to consumers as original brand. This necessitates need of tamper-evidence around capping enclosure, which can also be used as anti-counterfeiting measure before product is sold to end-customer.

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