Meter Tamper-Evidence

Tamper-evidence for utility and energy meters is an established requirement. Even Electronic meters though better protected against electromagnetic tampering still requires  tamper-evidence solution for physical tampering.  Sealing the poly-carbonate enclosure of meters using plastic seals with unique number is one traditional known way.  While these plastic seals with unique number can solve outsider threat up to some extent and insiders can easily manipulate as whole security is rooted on a unique number printed on seal.   A slightly varied solution is about provisioning in-built seals in enclosure  such that only after breaking enclosure any access to meter is possible, but even in this method new enclosure can be duplicated after tampering the meter.  Hence known solutions are neither tamper-evident nor duplication evident.

Embodiment-1: smartDNA® on meter’s enclosure


Embodiment-2: smartDNA® on tamper evident seals


smartDNA® solution can enable remote monitoring of tamper-detection and enforces this impeccably as even insiders can not manipulate the smartDNA® security umbrella.   smartDNA® being passive label with auto-acquisition  of unique credential upon application plays a central role,  Also as smartDNA® credential is auto-lost on decoupling from packaging it is always ensured that field staffs as indeed scanning the energy meter. smartDNA® label can seal the poly-carbonate transparent enclosure and every-time the label is scanned using smartphones  by field staff its integrity status is auto-uploaded tagged with time and location-of-scan on monitoring portal. Any tampering detected is raised as alert.