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Linksmart is setting a new paradigm for industry-at-large struggling with traditional broken systems of authentication & misleading information. While New Age Auth-Tech based on our IP portfolio  is indeed solving the technology void in this Industry – It is natural that a couple of players will follow similar wordings & technical-terms to differentiate them and attract the attention. But in addition, incidents also came to our notice that a couple of players are posturing that they can offer something similar to smartDNA. They indulge in showing superficially implemented version just to score some brownie points in their sales pitch and leveraging those to promote other offerings. Businesses should apply their due-diligence to avoid them being vulnerable to possible indirect infringement charges.

Below pointers can help what could possibly point to a replica of smartDNA and deserves IP due-diligence. IP due-diligence could include whether the offering is supported by any granted IP/Patents. LINKSMART solely owns the rights vested in IP that includes below mentioned features;

  • Any security label those manufactured identically but becomes unique post-application on substrate
  • Security label those needs registration upon application on substrate   
  • Non Clonable Labels those auto-change signature on reuse

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Drop us mail at to explore how your business can benefit in medium & long term by having access to our fully enabled and functional IP portfolio.
Linksmart is sole owner in-charge of prosecuting and maintaining its IP portfolio and we can guarantee geography-wise controlled access to our IP portfolio to your closest competitors.
IDMC XINOVA ( and Allied Inventors are our licensee authorized to do sub-licensing.


Strategic IP Partner

XINOVA has signed strategic IP partnership deal with LINKSMART that covers prosecutions, funding of prosecution and enhancement of global patent portfolio.
XINOVA is also authorized licensing and sub-licensing partner. Patent portfolio covers smartDNA® technology, physical-digital-physical photocopy protection including various packaging embodiments.
To inquire about possible licensing opportunities please drop mail on OR

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