IT Asset Management

Credible Secured Asset Tracking

Asset management typically involves either one or combination of terms like security, tracking and credible-tracking. Often CIO (chief information officer) and CSO (chief security officer) are found puzzled between terms.  Today many employers need regular auditing & tracking of IT assets. One known solution is RF tag based tracking. RF tags are fundamentally excellent for dumb tracking and quick stock-taking in otherwise secured environment without insider thre0at but very unreliable in applications requiring security & credible-tracking. Clonable RF/NFC tags can be cloned as easily as paper photocopy (Xerox) and thereafter remains trace-less & clueless. Though there are specialized clone-proof RF?NFC tags, but those are expensive.


smartDNA® is answer for credible tracking with real security beyond insider threat at very low cost. Being passive labels, there is no restriction in application around metallic part. Even employee working remotely can scan their smartDNA tagged laptop and prove on monitoring portal that laptop in their custody is original and intact. It accelerates IT audit and quick validation upon return-of-asset . However as smartDNA®  requires in-line scanning and if quick stock-taking is also part of use-case then RF tags can be used in combination with smartDNA® .