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Intelligent Caps – Per-piece unique signature auto-acquired during sealing on packaging-line

Imagine a packaging-line in motion wherein a container while  being sealed with plastic cap auto-acquires per-piece unique & scan-able signature.   It will be worthwhile to repeat that the said unique signature is auto-acquired on packaging-line as cap is being sealed and not just unique number-system/tracking-code printed during manufacturing. Neither unique signatures are result of randomized patterns/fibers/structures as those can not be authenticated in instant,automated and precise manner by standard smartphone scan. Said signature gets scanned automatically and seamlessly very much like standard QRcode scan. Unique credential that is being auto-acquired on packaging-line is single-point technology for anti-counterfeit, tamper-evidence and re-fill protection.  No more limitation of traditional holograms, serialization, miscellaneous overt/covert out of special-print, special-material and special-manufacturing as all these gets leaked and manipulated easily and eventually brand-owners become victim of various form of connivance between packaging-staff, label vendors, supply chain partner and third party market investigative agencies. QRcoding shown in picture below is merely a tracking-code for auto-generated unique security credential of smartDNA® in database. Many times industry is misled that hologram with unique QRcode makes hologram unique conveniently hiding the fact that only QRcode varies, during scan there is no differentiation between standard QRcode or special- effect QRcode and there is no way to detect intentional mis-reporting by sales-force or market investigative agencies.  For effective solutioning, QRcode as tracking-code in capping system should be supported with authenticable security feature. And all these delivered at cost parity with traditional serialized holograms. This with the added bonus of no need for additional physical security label on product/packaging, which makes it even more exciting.


Label-less smartDNA®  is greenest technology  with least carbon footprint offering single point solution for anti-counterfeit, tamper-evidence and re-fill protection with no additional operation on packaging-line for security features along-with cost-parity with standard serialized holograms.

Sounds like a imaginative script for packaging technologist..? It is reality now. LINKSMART offers globally patented smartDNA® solution directly integrated in cap wads and hence no additional operation on packaging-line is really needed. instead of holographic wad now it is time to transition to smartDNA’ed wad. Each cap once sealed generates a unique signature is scan for registration. Even if same cap and wad seal is reused it auto-generates a different signature and tampering is instantly indicated. smartDNA security credential gets automatically scanned seamlessly during standard QRcode scan. QRcode can be directly printed on the cap-surface as well on packaging-line. Typically cap-top has brand-logo embossed but in this scheme brand-logo is virtually embossed and visible through “authentication-scan of smartDNA® unique signature” on smart-phone screen providing an opportunity for brands to display brand logo on each authentication. smartDNA® App also provides brands with option to run campaign/surveys, redeem loyalty points among other possibilities. A disruptive technology has now been made simpler for application on packaging line. Shrink-sleeve around cap portion may not be needed which is another optimization along with carbon footprint benefit.

LINKSMART is partnering with reputed capping system/ holographic wad vendors to offer end-to-end solution to their customers (brand-owners) in technology collaboration such as brand-owner gets ready-to-use package. Today leakage and connivance happens even with most sophisticated packaging-vendor because of big money involved in counterfeiting. As concluding statement it may be noted that unlike other technologies even if cap-vendor does excess unofficial production of smartDNA’ed enabled caps in connivance with counterfeiters, brand-owners will not worry and there is no need of ensuring physical access control or dependence on human integrity.