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How general Overt and Covert features help counterfeiter ?

In general brand protection teams believe that after implementing some sophisticated overt and covert security feature, counterfeiters will be left behind and thereafter continue to remain in state-of-denial. Counterfeiter has equal access to same or another packaging vendor those leaks or implements same security features on fake packaging.

Biggest fallacy is that brand protection team believes that counterfeiters has no connection with the insiders, packaging/purchase team employees within brand owner organization or even some times unholy nexus within brand protection team. Many brand owners also deploy detective agencies those discover fake products in market but the field personnel of these agencies themselves found to be leaking information about security features on packaging. Counterfeiters rather becomes happier if brand protection team implement easily replicable overt/covert features as fakes can be made more authentic. Also as packaging appears genuine with replicated security features, enforcement and legal proceedings becomes more difficult and costlier. Facing hostile crowd becomes difficult with replicated overt/covert features.

In this game, biggest beneficiaries are packaging vendors, detective agencies and counterfeiters. Anything that is replicable and non- track’able is only going to help counterfeiters.