smartDNA® Technology:

Totally passive in nature and do not have any electromagnetically active, photo-active or chemically- active component within them. Auto generation of unique signature Auto-acquire unique credential only upon application credential anal cannot be scanned in isolation. Auto-loss and auto-change of credential Credential is auto-lost on removal and auto-changed on reuse of same label. Instantly smartphone verifiable feature forensic All versions of smartDNA® verification. No scanning of tag in isolation Can not be scanned in isolation after decoupling from packaging like barcode/QR-code/RFID. Truly insider protected Not replicable even by the Manufacturer. 300 Billion unique signatures As many as 300 billion unique signatures. Legally Admissible evidences Provides Techno-legal evidences for tampering and Insuder theft as per common principles of IT act.

Security and Pricing Comparison With Existing Technologies:

Expected level of security goes beyond the known technologies like Barcode, QRcode, Holograms, Tangents, DNA markers, Nano-Fingerprinting, Bubble Tags. Solution should be replication-proof by insider/outsider. In addition to cost and security, easy applicability and authentication becomes other vital parameters.