Frequently asked question (FAQ).

Why do I need smartDNA® enabled security packaging?

smartDNA® enabled packing is needed because insider threat will not be addressed unless security packaging are duplication-evident along with tamper-evident. Additionally smartDNA® can make your security packaging integrity remotely monitored online wherein it is assured that indeed security packaging was scanned and not just label in isolation.

What all do I need to get started?

Security packaging along with smartDNA® labels (typically delivered in roll format) will be physically shipped. Smartphone app can be downloaded from Google Play and you are all set to start using new packaging and experience difference.

What is scanned by application?

Application scans per-piece unique credential which is auto-acquired upon application, which is lost on removal. Even if the same label is re-used/applied, credential auto-change.

smartDNA® labels are damaged when attempted to be removed from most substrate/surface, hence can not be re-used.

Is smartDNA® asset monitoring requires any training?

NO, in fact as a general user of reusable smart security packaging, smartDNA® authentication happens transparently by Smartphone app even without user knowing. Authentication infrastructure is free for general usage and hosted on Amazon cloud infrastructure. Only if you are subscribing for cloud services for larger multi-site business deployments, enforcing protocols for periodic scan for your insiders in different locations and see various kind of analytics then you need to log-in and know bit of usage instruction.

Why authentication infrastructure is needed?

It is needed if you want to verify asset using different Smartphone across multiple sites. Otherwise within one physical premise kind of limited use case, you can just use one device without needing authentication service in cloud. Even if service is temporarily down, nothing gets impacted and asset is authenticated locally from Smartphone cache. As and when connectivity is up App will do its housekeeping job intelligently even without you knowing.

What are all reusable component in the solution?

Except smartDNA® labels, everything else (security package, Smartphone app) is reusable and one-time cost.

What are the consumables in smartDNA® solution?

Only smartDNA® labels need to be procured based on consumption/use.

Does it always required to clean the surface before reuse?

During opening of packaging, using a stationary knife, top layer of destructible label will be peeled-off quickly along with major portion of label and new label can just be used on top and scanned. However after several uses you may feel need to clean the residuals which can be wipe clean by cotton pad after 10 seconds of spraying anywhere commonly available Acetone solution. Even after thousand time of re-use, surface remains perfectly intact.

Is barcode on the reusable envelope/pouch is also to be changed on every re-use?

No Barcode is permanent identifier of security envelope. Barcode is just for tracking and smartDNA® is for security.

Is it requires any training to use smartDNA® scanning application?

This will be normal android application which has in-built instructions and screen-shot to quickly bring new user on-board without any formal training or background.

What is the life of smartDNA® monitoring data OR Up to what time registered asset’s data will be available for verification?

There is no such time restriction and you can verify integrity of vaulted asset packaged in these envelopes even after several year of asset’s registration.

How do I get smartDNA® smartphone app?

It is available for download on Google Play.

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