Be Smart with SmartDNAFully Automated On-Spot Authentication
Credible TraceabilityAutomated Detection For Both Physical Cloning And Digital Cloning
No More Jargons RatherCapability to Extend Hard Performance Guarantee

Non-Clonable code extends exclusive features of Truly & Fully Automated detection of physical and digital clone using standard smartphones.

Non-Clonable code is surface agnostic and supported on Flat/Curve/Flexible/Wrinkled/Dented/Glossy surfaces.

Non-Clonable code scanning is supported on the widest varieties of smartphones. Any smartphone with RAM greater than 1.5GB and 5MP Camera is well suited for scanning.

Non-Clonable code guarantees 0% FAR – False Detection Ratio i.e. No Duplicate can ever be detected as Original.

Yes, Non-Clonable code is equally performing even in offline mode.

Non-Clonable codes are precise and fully-automated. Even 1% scan being Credible Scan the evil supply chain can be traced. Also no false alarms and misleading analytics that are known to trigger a futile ground investigation.

Yes. Non-CLonable codes are supported for appless scan as well and still delivers the capability to detect fakes on-spot precisely. No additional marketing communication is required. Just Scan with any standard QR code reader and rest everything is consequential.

Yes. Non-Clonability feature can be very easily extended even to in-house QRcode those typicaly happens with thermal/TIJ/TTO printers.

Non-Clonabe codes can either be directly printed on the product label or used in the form-factor of self-adhesive labels.

Digital printer with support of 600 dpi print or higher is recommended to print the Non-Clonable codes.

Yes – It can address a variety of authentication problems ranging from automated detection of product counterfeit, package tampering, refill detection, warranty frauds, credible loyalty distribution etc.

Digital cloning is a serious threat wherein counterfeiters easily fool the blind analytics running on AI/BI/ML by simply doing false scans on the mere image of the codes without spending any CAPEX and later launching actual fakes in applicable geography.
Truly performing Non-Clonables precisely detects any false scan even on the image of the codes.

Scanning of Non-Clonable can vary between 1-4 seconds depending upon scanning device.

smartDNA® is only non-cloanable, trackable and surface agnostic security label technology brand that provides instant, precise and automated asset verification using smartphone. smartDNA® labels, backed by strong and global IP portfolio, enable anti-counterfeiting, automated tamper-evidence, refill-evidence, warranty fraud protection, credible loyalty distribution and smart-tracking for products and packaging as single point solution.

smartDNA® brings paradigm shift in security label technology with “Open Label , Open Verification”. Unlike other labels carrying pre-provisioned signature, smartDNA® labels do not have any unique signature at the time of manufacturing and auto-acquire signatures only at time-of-application. The unique signatures becomes void in isolation and even if someone manages to remove and re-apply the same label on same package it indicates tampering upon scan. smartDNA® is only technology providing comprehensive instant and automated detection against photocopy or digital copy without any human intervention.

smartDNA® security assumes the deepest threat model including brand-owner insider, vendor, partners, converters, market-investigators thus emphasizing on zero trust policy. Identical smartDNA® labels auto-acquire per-piece unique credential only upon application unlike known technologies wherein uniqueness is pre-provisioned at time of manufacturing and any leak, theft or insiders connivance paves the way for the counterfeiters . All the labels are registered at the time of application and further verification is always done against the brand owner’s database. This ensures that having access to even original smartDNA® label or its unofficial production cannot be utilized.

Yes authentication rate is too low in field that is why one need smarDNA® even more. Performs equally even under very low authentication rate and provides per-piece precise authentication such that fake is always identified as fake whether it gets authenticated at first or in last.

Get it manufactured anywhere without worrying about unofficial production of originals. No need to depend on only one or few vendors. Not only this minimizes overhead in due-diligence and vendor supervision but also optimizes the pricing. While other technology vendors claim it is difficult-to-duplicate smartDNA® promises no duplication despite given access to originals. With smartDNA® a financial liability is also provided if our labels are proven to be duplicated and getting successfully authenticated by our APP.

smartDNA® labels can be customized in size for wide variety of application like tamper detection , anti-counterfeit, content refill verification including different packaging material and types like cartons, bottles, sachet, poly bags, etc. and also support integration with existing identification methods like QR and barcode for bullet proof security. Unlike other technologies which are based on random pattern and reduction in label size highly affect the degree of randomness, smartDNA® is agnostic of  the package size and type.

smartDNA® authentication requires physical product in-hand and cannot be authenticated by knowing number (credential) or having duplicated version of label. It therefore generates no false authentication hence no false alarms (detecting original as fake if counterfeited product is scanned prior to the original). It emphasizes on zero trust policy and eliminates the role of human in detecting the counterfeits. Being completely automated and precise it traps real counterfeits even with ultra-low authentication rate.

Product performance despite given access to even identical & original labels is guaranteed under financial liability as authentication is done only against factory registration. It is therefore first and only security label company to guarantee brand protection.

Any external mark is identified in true precise manner. In case of Minor defacing it has no impact and any major defacing is detected as dirty label.  But no false positive (detecting fake label as original)  or false negative (detecting original label as fake) is generated due to the defacing. smartDNA® label being completely identical at time of manufacturing is precisely detected unlike other solution where any intentional defacing is also treated as another random hence generating false alarms.

Firstly, each label auto-loses its unique credential on decoupling from product and cannot be replicated on re-application and this feature is new paradigm in security labelling. Secondly, smartDNA® label is self-destroyed on removal.

smartDNA® detects slightest tampering and duplication in precise and automated way. It provides protection against even piece level replication unlike random pattern based security solutions where volume replications is difficult but piece level replication is easily possible.

smartDNA® has fully integrated symmetrical robust structure which makes it highly reliable in any scenario while in other solutions accidental damages to protective laminate can potentially affect the fine patterns which are often are not detected hence does not differentiate between fake and damaged labels.

smartDNA® provides comparable verification speed to barcode scan on an end-consumer device (smartphone). A standard smartphone reports registration/verification result from start to end in less than a second.

Yes, smartDNA® provides very fast registration and verification with its industrial scanner which can be seamlessly integrated on the existing packaging line.

smartDNA® also supports hybrid scan. Package integrity can be detected on the first scan and loyalty scan only after opening the package. This ensures that loyalty is being claimed by genuine customer

smartDNA® supports white label app and easy integration of its sdk in any other android application in addition to it’s own playstore application.

smartDNA® labels are IP protected in widest geography covering 22 international jurisdiction and follows standard manufacturing procedure as labels do not carry pre-provisioned signature. This liberates brand owner from expensive special manufacturing tools and strict auditing process vulnerable to insider threats. smartDNA® labels can manufactured anywhere across the globe by any contract manufacturer without worrying about the unofficial production and distribution of the same.

Yes, smartDNA® holds widest and deepest IP portfolio which enables it to strategically explore licensing deals as one of its business model.

Yes. Very much like ordinary QR codes, Non-Clonable codes support direct-part-marking on the metal/non-metal surfaces as well.

Non-Clonable engraved codes can be scanned using the smartDNA-ONE app.

Time per engraving varies depending upon use-case and laser engraving equipment.

Truly sustainable reusable security packaging with unlimited reuse based on Non-destructive & fully-automated track-able tamper-evidence technology. Currently, reusable packaging and security packaging are thought to be mutually exclusive.

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