Facts & Disclaimer

  • smartDNA® is inherently a security label and can be integrated with tracking technologies but does not promise any tracking, all by itself unless specific embodiment of smartDNA® labels with in-built tracking code is used.
  • smartDNA® needs to be applied & coupled with packaging firmly as any other adhesive labels are applied. Instant destructible labels will be destructible instantly upon application. Non instant destructible version will take about 10 minutes time to form bonding with surface. Destructibility may not be effective for greasy, silicon-coated or dirty surfaces
  • Despite dust, oil, ink, puncture and damages smartDNA® scanning goes through. In some cases, labels can be scanned after cleaning oil/ink spillage . Labels are inherently  made immune from water and liquid spillage. However same can not be guaranteed in case of severe and intentional damages.
  • smartDNA® labels have in-built resistance to lighting hot spot and works in all usual in-door and out-door lighting conditions and even bad lighting condition. But deliberate act of scanning labels kept within 1 feet distance and directly under floodlight  has not been tested.
  • smartDNA® scanning speed is 2-4 seconds but deviation can happen due to slow network connectivity or low end scanning devices.
  • Line mark on labels can be treated as line-cut and operator is systematically guided by app to handle false positives. Labels can be cleaned for line-marks and re-scanned.
  • smartDNA® application handles moderate shaking of scanner, vibrations of user’s hand and other mild alignment related issues, if the ‘anti-shaking’ option is enabled from the app setting. application handles moderate shaking of scanner, vibrations of user’s hand. optionally  ‘anti-shaking’ option can be enabled from the app setting to handle vibrations as well.
  • Default delivery format for smartDNA® material is  self-destructible (upon removal) version, however it can be customized for special surfaces to achieve high degree of destructibility.
  • Camera lens of smartphone or PDA, should be clean for optimal scanning otherwise dirty label or label error messages can be emitted.
  • ORR (forensic) manual verification is built-in within smartDNA®  labels, can be exercised transparently without requiring any tool and an interested party during change-of-hand, can also do quick manual verification as well while doing regular scanning. Regular scanning is supported in any light ranging from direct sun-light to darkest lighting condition. Automated verification may be needed to enable enterprise tracking their own insiders having medium to long term custody of asset.
  • smartDNA® scanning also has fully automated forensic verification  capability (to detect scanned/zerox version)  built-in as well and happens in-line with regular scanning. ORR (forensic) automated verification is recommended either in indoor lighting or outdoor lighting without direct exposure to sun-light. However if an insider deliberately do scan in direct sun light, it works like honey-trap by always detecting a duplicate label  and thus forcing the right practice. A duplicate label will never be detected as original, even if ORR scanning guideline is intentionally violated.
  • Though all smartDNA® labels are fully destructible but few surface might need additional curing time for labels to become fully destructible.

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