Document Duplication

Securing Documents beyond Traditional means


Known ways to mitigate  document duplication are usage of special ink/paper/print, holograms and watermark.  Though some specialized documents can also being equipped with silicon chips but downside is that those requires a purpose-built verification system as well.  Protection from insider threat (vendors/employees) and requirement of seamless standard way of authentication necessitates the paradigm change.  Another workaround that can be adopted to provision unique QRcode  on each piece and QRcode scan lands in specific set of information in web based remote database. While this appears straightforward, obvious flaw is to open the information database to anybody and everybody, possibly resulting in a privacy issue. It is desired to put a login wall allowing general public access to authenticate the originality of physical document  and opening detailed information database only to premium paid login access typically for verification agencies.

smartDNA® technology fills in the technology and solution void.  Even if,  identical & genuine smartDNA® labels are passed by insider in connivance to fraudsters  the document can not be duplicated as smartDNA® auto-acquires per-piece unique credential exactly at time-of-application. Thus highest level of security is achieved and at same time documents can be seamlessly authenticated by smartphone. With smartDNA®,  premium paid service can be enabled for detailed information access at the same time originality of physical document can be readily attested by smartDNA® scan for public access. Every for public access once smartDNA® is scanned apart from document authentication, optionally the basic information like  document holder’s name can also be flashed.  Usage is pretty simple,  apply smartDNA® on document (it auto-acquires its unique credential) , scan smartDNA®,  it is all done and every subsequent verification can be tracked.