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Disruptive Hologram – Smartphone Verifiable Per-Piece Unique Credential

Holograms are traditionally cost-effective measures for fighting counterfeits. Some brands use holograms as serious measure while others use it just for public posturing. Vendors claim their holograms cannot be fully copied which may be true but the larger truth is that there is no tangible means to instantly detect partially copied holograms in field. End-customer, brand-protection teams or market detectives may or may not be able to accurately distinguish between original & copied holograms. The human reporting gets compromised as authentication scans are not credibly track-able. Matter worsens when hologram is exactly copied in connivance with vendor which is very normal these days despite tall claims of secured infrastructure at manufacturing site as leakage happens even from insiders. Leakage from insider is becoming more of a norm than exception.

With emergence of serialized/randomized holograms, wherein every piece has unique number/barcode/qrcode seems a viable solution. However, a finer analysis will prove that providing unique numbering on holograms makes them more vulnerable as counterfeited version will appear more authentic. Secondly, to track and authenticate all one needs to know is number and fabricated successful authentication can be done from multiple location causing false alarm at monitoring dashboard hogging bandwidth of brand protection team. Successful authentication requires knowing the number without access to original product/packaging. Over time brand protection team becomes indifferent to false alarms and duplicated serial number on nearly original holograms can easily be launched on counterfeited version of product. Unique numbers are fundamentally anti-diversion technology and not anti-counterfeit technology. Uniquely numbered holograms actually promotes counterfeiting with confidence since they appear even more authentic.

The need is of Unique Verifiable Credential without being present on the hologram, overtly or covertly, to ensure integrity without threat of insider connivance. Even those unique credentials should be unknown even to insiders until hologram is applied on surface. Is this level of security possible at pricing competitive to existing holograms? The answer is a YES. smartDNA® is the advanced security label that is disrupting traditional holograms and taken security to new heights, and is unmatched globally today! Can this be achieved within similar price range as of existing holograms. Stay tuned to witness new paradigm in holograms…!!