__Credible Loyalty__

Loyalty on physical product remains unsolved and mostly limited to the pre-registered influencers only due to multiple possible ways of misuse in supply-chain. In requirement of right technological solution y mostly the loyalty is centered around sales promotion and eco-system building without address integrity of supply chain.  Then additional stop-gap measures for integrity of supply-china requires additional operational overhead, cost & complications.

Firstly industry suffers from lack of credible loyalty while on other hand  secondly there is problem of intentional avoidance of loyalty scan under connivance to promote refilled products.  But this is not all – there are may products those are acquired by influencers on behalf of consumers and consumers kept guessing.  Another aspect  with multiple products is that those are sold refilled in original container. Any traditional method of refill-evidence is not only in-effective but becomes quite messy & complex when it comes to label-application on cap/neck area of packaging.  Traditional measure of scratch layer is easily manipulated as scratch layer is dumb. Feature of integrated Credible loyalty covered under our intellectual property  solves all these as single point solution and ensues no intentional avoidance of loyalty-scan by influencers. Pictures below illustrates top layer (preferably non clonable) being authentication QR and once irreversibly peeled the loyalty QR gets exposed. In some specialty solutions like in-mold label the top layer may not be destructible but once decoupled top layer is applied again it indicates tampering on-scan.

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