Corporate Communications Manager (Jobcode: CCM0110)

The Corporate Communications Manager leads the reporting function in support of Corporate communications and media relations. This position reports to the Senior Director – Corporate Relations. The Manager will be responsible for all media monitoring, corporate research requests, and will manage the Newsroom section of LinkSmart Technologies.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Manage and conduct all media monitoring for corporate communications, including preparing and distributing of monitoring reports to senior leadership.
2. Manage the distribution and posting of all corporate news releases.
3. Conduct Internet and database research and analysis of company’s media coverage in support of Corporate Communications and Media initiatives.
4. Conduct ongoing monitoring and analysis of issue-related media coverage.
5. Conduct and manage special Corporate Communications and Media projects, as needed.
6. Manage select corporate information for the company, determining which statistics can be disseminated to which groups. Be the central contact point for this information.
7. Be the approval point for internal requests concerning book publishing and other republishing of corporate information (as per corporate publishing policies).

Position: Full-time
Location: Bangalore