Content Count and Verification


  • smartDNA® technology can be leveraged towards internal monitoring and not just external tamper detection. A typical usecase can be count of content inside sealed box. Count is done at granularity of standard packaging inside the box. Along with count originality attestation of packaging is done inherently. Known solution like RF-ID tags can only do blind count and does not mitigate Such solution for currency loaded box verification is built for the federal bank, wherein the content verification is desired without opening the box and much of human intervention. Above picture shows smartDNA® credential of of currency loaded box. Unique credential is auto-acquired, only when the smartDNA® labels (those are manufactured identically) are applied on packaging inside the box.

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Possible Threats How smartDNA® helps mitigate the threat?
Can smartDNA® technology count number of currency bundles stacked in cuboid like box length-wise, height-wise and depth-wise, without opening the box? Yes, it can deterministically count each bundle inside a sealed box
What if bundles are simply

reshuffled within itself inside the box, will it fail to detect such natural movements during transit?

Yes, smartDNA® can easily identify natural horizontal movements of the content inside a sealed box
What if an insider replaces original bundles with similar material , same shape, size and weight? smartDNA® can deterministically identify such replacements
Is cross human verification possible of the unique signature along with machine verification with this technology? Yes, it is possible
What about the evidences to prove accountability between point-of-packaging and point-of delivery? Yes, smartDNA® offers legally admissible evidence for tangible verification and non-repudiation. It can also detect concealed-loss with techno-legal evidences and

not just circumstantial evidences.

Is it protected against insider threat wherein insiders are involved in printing, transit including 3rd party solution providers? smartDNA® is insider threat protected solution and it can detect all such threats deterministically
Will it be able to detect intrusion ranging from sub-bundle, packet or single currency bill? Yes, smartDNA can detect intrusion at any such granularity
What if the credential is already known beforehand to insiders, how will it prevent such threats? smartDNA credential is not embedded into label and cannot be known beforehand by insiders or solution providers. Credential is only formed at the time of application.
Will it generate false alarm due to some un-intentional

defects occurred after application at point-of-packaging?

No, it doesn’t generate any such false alarms in such events and can deterministically identify such defects.
Is it a software or hardware based credential which can be costly and can fail due to tolerance limits of mishandling or data acquisition? No, smartDNA bears non-software and non-hardware credential and doesn’t suffer from such tolerance issues.