Confidential Records Management

Outsourcing of Records Management has become the order of the day. Most of the regulated industry lines viz. Government organizations / agencies, multiple manufacturing and service sectors prefer to outsource the task of Records Management.  As this concept has been widely accepted by the business community, business activities of Confidential Records Management has become an industry by itself.

confidential record management








Records and documents of any organization or institution are so sensitive that they possess the potential of creating a disproportionate legal or financial repercussion for an individual or the organization.  If such confidential documents are required to be preserved for a long time, the risk increases exponentially.  It is easily possible to create counterfeited documents in connivance with Insider / Outsider.

The security measures adopted by the Record Management companies are not adequate to take care of the existing risk of tampering and counterfeiting by the Insider wrongful hands. CCTV, access-control and other traditional methods can only prevent outsider threat, but even those are not deterrent to authorized insiders.

Linksmart Technologies has invented an end-to-end compelling solution to manage the challenges faced by the customers with pilferage of confidential records. Due to an increasing trend of secured storage for high-value & confidential records and with growing risk of theft, pilferage and piracy, such a solution has proved to be the need of the hour.

At the time of record storage, the cartons are sealed with smart DNA™ labels and scanned. Periodically, the label on the carton with confidential records is scanned and verified .The verification status is shared on the carton integrity monitoring portal. In case of any pilferage or attempt of intrusion, Linksmart’s Carton Scanning System will be able to detect the intrusion and an intrusion alert message will be posted on the portal along with communication via other channels like SMS, email. As a result of this, organizations can know whether their documents have been accessed by any unauthorized person.