Cloud services for Physical Asset Authentication

Tamper-evidence and Anti-counterfeit Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in cloud

smartDNA® cloud services offer holistic authentication services for smartDNA tagged assets.  Apart from multi-site, high availability, smartDNA® cloud services can easily be replicated in customer’s IT system in true seamless manner. Example sake a logistics company can enhance its existing “track-trace” to “track-trace-monitoring” by just pulling smartDNA® scan data from smartDNA® cloud services. smartDNA® cloud services export API to be used for pulling the data in customer’s IT system.

cloud based asset monitoring

Cloud Based Asset Monitoring


smartDNA® Cloud Features

Feature Usage
High Availability smartDNA® cloud services is capable of load balancing and auto sync of authentication data between multiple data-centre for high availability of smartDNA® credential authentication.
Seamless Integration smartDNA® cloud service provides data export APIs for seamless and non-invasive import of smartDNA® data in client’s existing IT system .
Highly Secure smartDNA® cloud services are leveraged with access tracker and 2-factor authenticator to protect data from un-authorized access. And it uses SSL channel for secure data communication.
Smart Analytics smartDNA® cloud service provide smart analytical view of data as an value to their customer. Data visualization helps in defining the process and decision making.
Event & Alert All the event and alert notification are send via mailing and SMS services.  For example an alert can be repeat authentication from varied location within configurable timing-window OR periodic scan set by administrator is not followed by field-operator.
smartDNA® Post-Mortem smartDNA® post-mortem helps to recreate the scanning scenario during the asset life cycle.
Asset Code Management smartDNA® cloud provides tracking code validation during smartDNA® scan and generates alerts for invalid tracking code.For anti-counterfeit applications product details like mfg date,expiry date, batch number and similar other details can be provisioned for subsequent verification.