Great place to Work

Are you motivated by difficult problems and looking to challenge the status quo? Does a career to you mean truly building your future on innovations  and disruption, instead of a regular job? Do you like feeling accomplished at the end of each day by solving a meaningful problem where you get to know the impact?

If the answer is YES to all of these, Linksmart Technologies could be the good choice.

Linksmart Technologies is solving a $1 Trillion market (trade volume by 2020 as per problem of Counterfeit, Tampering and Warranty Fraud. We are constantly on the look out for passionate, disruptive and individuals with depth in their area of interest. The opportunities are immense as is for any fast growing company, and the challenges only get better each day. Know more about Linksmart Technology here.

Multiple openings available:

1. Internship for fresh Engineering talents

Linksmart is looking for young engineering talents. If you believe you can contribute towards our goal and would like to experience disruptive startup like never before, share your interest area, specialization and (any) accomplishment along with your resume at

2. Image Processing Engineer – Linux & Android (2 – 7 yrs experience)

Must have : 

  • Depth and expertise in Image processing on Linux & Android
  • Image manipulation, Image normalization, Pattern Geometry, Perspective Corrections
  • Expertise in the use of OpenCV library

Good to have : 

  • Experience in Web service using REST API Platform/OS: - Linux (mandatory)
  • Android - Windows (good to have)

Position: Full-time in Bangalore

KEYWORDS: Image Processing, OpenCV, SDK, Linux, Android

3. Product Manager (3-5 years of experience)

  • Lead strategy and execution of technical initiatives to grow membership via improved conversion rates, effective onboarding flows, and honed funnels for each member acquisition channel.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Marketing teams to define, prioritize and execute a roadmap of tests and features designed to acquire and activate new members through online channels.
  • Manage development process from end-to-end – from understanding customer and business needs to working with Designers and Engineers to define, implement and QA an initial solution, to analyzing results and iterating.
  • Maintain expertise in user needs and behaviour by analyzing data and competitive sites, and applying insight from functional business teams (e.g. Marketing, Category Management, Customer Support) to continuously push for better results.
  • Analyze and interpret data from diverse sources including site data, qualitative and quantitative user research to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • If you feel you can do way beyond these, do share your resume with any 2 accomplishments outlined and resume to


* All positions are based out of Bangalore, unless specified otherwise.