Business Models

IP Licensing

Linksmart Technologies is the sole owner of smartDNA® IP and associated patent grants globally. smartDNA® technology can be sub-licensed directly from Linksmart Technologies or its authorized Licensee, operating under a suitable agreement.

To inquire or know more about Sub-Licensing restrictions, limitations, value-added benefits like additional co-existing technology rights, long-term cost optimization and solution consultation, do drop in an email with details required to .

Hybrid BOT

In the long run, your volume and internal capability will though make sense only with the use of license. While, Licensing an IP, deciding on a platform, building a solution around it, running through multiple tests before deploying it for limited production is definitely not for most companies in today’s hyper-competitive world.

What if we made it easier for you – Choose a Industry solution or a Custom one, get started in production from the Day Go! Now use market feedback to build your own solution using smartDNA® IP or simply take over from where we left, and we will get out of your way. You can also choose to build only part(s) of the solution while using us to deliver the other ones or do everything yourselves.

Customizable  business models that make business sense. Do drop us a line if you need help deciding!

Industry Solution

Linksmart Technologies has customized smartDNA® technology for quick adoption by various industries. Our Solutions portfolio on this portal, while not comprehensive, demonstrates the use of smartDNA® to suit the need of the specific industry / use-case.

Our industry ready solutions are ready-to-deploy for Enterprise, Medium as well as for Small sized needs. For large volume in factory environment / processing line, smartDNA® Automated Registration Machine (sARM) is better suited for 24×7 operation in a smartphone restricted environment.

Custom Solution

While our Industry customized solution portfolio should be complete in itself, we do offer custom solution. Customization could be in terms of Branding (on labels), Custom pop-ups on verification, Redirecting customer to your portal post-verification or as simple as running a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

White-labeling of smartDNA® App is also available.