High Value Goods and Pharma Counterfeit

Fully-Automated Field Verifiable Forensics

Precise Automated Authentication + Instant Forensic Verification + Credible Tracking

Counterfeit is known problem for variety of products across multiple market verticals. Counterfeiting has been so sophisticated so that even brand owners fail to differentiate between genuine and fake. In many cases counterfeiting is outcome of connivance between insiders of brand-owners and solution-vendors. There are many known counterfeit solutions but none of those solves the problem fundamentally.

Gaps in traditional technologies in one or more of the below areas

  •  Authentication is manual
  •  Counterfeit technology itself becomes victim of counterfeit
  •  Can not be tracked
  •  Can be easily manipulated
  •  Connivance and leakage from counterfeit solution provider
  •  Forensic verification (in case of sophisticated duplication) requires lab-examination
  •  Authentication is not automated and eventually depending on human integrity
  •  Authentication requires special purpose device.

In context of above mentioned facts, smartDNA® labels offer disruptive solution addressing exact need of the industry in providing precise automated authentication such that even connivance with solution vendor can not help counterfeiters.    smartDNA® is strongest known and single point solution for both tamp er-evidence & counterfeit-evidence. Pre-registered smartDNA® facilitates seamless integration as label only needs in-line application without requiring in-line scanning  on packaging line.



Today global brand owner are pursuing their anti-counterfeiting agenda. Expected level of security goes beyond the known technologies. smartDNA®  is replication-proof even by insiders and as well seamless, easy & precise to be authenticated.