• How LINKSMART is helping brand-protection leaders transform their strategy fundamentally

    Looking at past 50 years in history – world-of-today has systematically advanced in securing digital transactions but ironically physical transactions are still remaining traditional with no significant improvement. Though new interesting inventions seen, those are applicable in certain niche segment only and World continues to be primitive for mass market use-case despite industry is spending […]

  • Intelligent Caps – Per-piece unique signature auto-acquired during sealing on packaging-line

    Imagine a packaging-line in motion wherein a container while  being sealed with plastic cap auto-acquires per-piece unique & scan-able signature.   It will be worthwhile to repeat that the said unique signature is auto-acquired on packaging-line as cap is being sealed and not just unique number-system/tracking-code printed during manufacturing. Neither unique signatures are result of randomized […]

  • Better to stay with nothing – Stop-gap brand-protection strategies accelerates counterfeiting

    Effective anti-counterfeit measures are highly contextual decision. Specific measures or technologies suited for one use-case might fail for other or rather end-up increasing counterfeiting. First step for legal, packaging, sales and marketing folks those are common stakeholders in anti-counterfeit strategy should be about defining context. Strategy depends on product category, user-segment, end-user behavior, nature of […]

  • Disruptive Hologram – Smartphone Verifiable Per-Piece Unique Credential

    Holograms are traditionally cost-effective measures for fighting counterfeits. Some brands use holograms as serious measure while others use it just for public posturing. Vendors claim their holograms cannot be fully copied which may be true but the larger truth is that there is no tangible means to instantly detect partially copied holograms in field. End-customer, […]

  • How brand owner slowly becomes option-less against nexus

    “Owning a premium global brand but being option-less against nexus of counterfeiters, insiders, private investigative agencies and packaging vendors”, this is something becoming more common and what is even worse that brand owners can not register this concern on record.  This nexus becomes so strong and deep rooted that eventually business aligns with the nexus […]

  • Whether your counterfeit strategy is centered around private investigators ?

    Combating counterfeit using services of market investigative agencies sometimes appear easiest approach for brand protection teams. These investigators hunt counterfeiters on behalf of their clients by keeping watch on open market. Though it looks simpler approach than technology measures but reality is different. Most of times the brand protection team think they’re spending millions a […]

  • Imagining Supply-chain beyond Track-and-Trace

    Track and trace was a game-changing innovation in logistics supply chains. It enabled a transparent supply chain showing the movement of shipment. It is impossible to delineate logistics from track and trace today. A technology that provides similar instant & precise verification with a standard device is the need of the hour to detect tampering/substitution in […]

  • Fundamental Innovation needed for Security Labelling Technology

    There are many security labelling technologies being used in different market verticals, in different parts of the world. Some commonly known technologies include nano-fingerprinting, bubble tags, holographic tags. Bar-code, QR-code and RF-ID tags are primarily tracking technologies but their overloaded use is often seen in security deployments. Common element that is widely missing in all […]

  • How general Overt and Covert features help counterfeiter ?

    In general brand protection teams believe that after implementing some sophisticated overt and covert security feature, counterfeiters will be left behind and thereafter continue to remain in state-of-denial. Counterfeiter has equal access to same or another packaging vendor those leaks or implements same security features on fake packaging. Biggest fallacy is that brand protection team […]