Label for anti-counterfeit, tamper-evidence, warranty remote-validation & fraud-prevention use-cases. Per-piece unique and machine-verifiable forensic credential. Branding options available for customized offering. No limitation on scan records. Ready-to-use solution.
  • Tamper Evident
  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Remote Warranty Validation
  • Fraud Prevention


Low cost solution for counterfeit use-case. Ready to use in strip format and manufacturing integration at customer’s vendor premises. Ideal for flexible packaging & space constraint packaging like shrink-sleeves and blisters.These labels are pre-registered and hence there is no change in packaging-line and applicable to variety of product/packaging being surface agnostic (flat/flexible/cylindrical) . Pre-registered labels can be extended on tear evident material and/or de-adhesive material flap to address use-case of liquor bottle kind of packaging for both counterfeit and tamper-evidence.Intelligent QR code solution also extends hybrid scan for security and credible Loyalty.
  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Credible Loyalty Distribution


Per-piece unique signature generated in packaging line (during application) with integration in traditional wad-seal. Once the wad-seal is torn/destroyed and any further attempt to  re-use the wad or another wad-seal (even original like) is detected as tampering and smartDNA® app alerts the user accordingly, preventing purchase of a refill-ed branded container with spurious content.
  • Refill Protection
  • Anti-Counterfeit

Affordable Smart Tracking

smartDNA® integration with NFC adds machine verifiable and non-clonable security feature with 3X-5X pricing optimization and two factor security and two factor reliability.
  • Single Scan for NFC and smartDNA® Label
  • Smart Tracking
  • Cost Optimized Smart Tracking with Bulletproof Security

Why do we need inline factory registration of packages ?

Any security label with pre-provisioned credentials are susceptible to theft, leak and do not consider insiders as a threat. Inline registration liberates brand from these threats and enforce Zero Trust Policy.
smartDNA® labels acquire unique credentials only upon application followed by inline registration.This enables smartDNA® labels to be manufactured anywhere in world, by any manufacturer and help brand scale globally despite unofficial production or leakage.

Seamless integration of registration scan in packaging line

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