Counterfeit in eCommerce

eCommerce comes with its share of good and the ugly – Counterfeits making its way through the seller listing. While the age old adage is that Counterfeit or knock-offs are sold at fraction of cost, this is no longer true today. In a bid to appear more genuine, counterfeit sellers don’t offer discount and with strict rules on return and shipping. Seller rating seldom help since only a long time seller would have enough reviews to make up for a credible rating to bank on.

The eCommerce stores are challenged with higher number of returns (of fake product) making it back, increasing their logistics cost. The customer also suffers harassment and inability to differentiate genuine from fake since none of the approaches are fool-proof. Product owners (brands) also lose their revenue to counterfeits as well as suffer goodwill loss due to the experience of fake by their customers.


eCommerce Counterfeit listing

eCommerce Counterfeit listing with smartDNA® helping immediate classification

smartDNA® is a holistic solution guaranteeing visual and smartphone verifiable solution, addressing the interest of the Brand, eCommerce store, Genuine Seller and of course the Customer. Brands seal their genuine product using smartDNA® and register it for future verification. Genuine sellers list their product with the smartDNA® security seal and eCommerce stores provide better credibility (and thereby ranking) to these sellers.

Customers choose from a listing of genuine products and verify the presence of seal during delivery. They also have the opportunity to digitally verify the product using their smartphone, without any intermediary, before accepting the delivery. smartDNA® smartphone App provides instant, precise and fully-automated verification, removing any prejudice during verification/authentication while the speed of authentication makes it practical for us.