smartDNA® is single-point technology solution for anti-counterfeit as well in addition to tamper-evidence. Being surface agnostic smartDNA® can be applied on flat, curved and flexible packaging. smartDNA® can be applied on packaging in automated fashion using label applicators. and scan-able through wide ranging scanners ranging from in-factory high-speed scanners to in-field smartphone/PDA scanners.

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    Document Duplication

    Known ways to mitigate  document duplication are usage of special ink/paper/print, holograms and watermark.  Though some specialized documents can also being equipped with silicon chips but downside is that those requires a purpose-built verification system as well.  Protection from insider threat (vendors/employees) and requirement of seamless standard way of authentication necessitates the paradigm change.  Another […]

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    High Value Goods and Pharma Counterfeit

    Precise Automated Authentication + Instant Forensic Verification + Credible Tracking Counterfeit is known problem for variety of products across multiple market verticals. Counterfeiting has been so sophisticated so that even brand owners fail to differentiate between genuine and fake. In many cases counterfeiting is outcome of connivance between insiders of brand-owners and solution-vendors. There are […]