Baggage Content Verification for Air

  • airport Baggage content verification solution for air passengers employs non-intrusive techniques to verify the originality of the consignment by matching the external fingerprint of the package which is tightly strapped with LinkSmartOs smart labels. Solution charactristics is listed below: Intrusion-less Visualization technology Government approved digitally signed proof at each transit point Legally admissible non-repudiating evidences No dependence on human integrity Deters concealed loss and illegal manipulation of content inside box Protects from introduction of unauthorized items into baggage Detects any tampering to the checked-in luggage easily count of packaged content at granularity of standard pacakging along with originality attestation Reduces insurance claims hassles For further information on LinkSmart’s content verification solution for airline segment, please get in touch with our sales team at

    • High-Value Shipment Verification

      High-Value Shipment Verification Track Trace Monitor Track and trace was a game-changing innovation in logistic supply chains. It enabled a transparent supply chain showing the movement of shipment. Toady no logistics organization can even think of conducting its business without track and trace. Gradually the world has moved onwards ,with the diversification of the kind […]