Auto-Programmable Authentication Card

2 factor Auto-Programmable Authentication Card - Pure Smartphone Play

NFC cards are being  popular and used for variety of applications including  payment or sensory (temperature or motion) applications.   However these cards are expensive and also requires NFC enabled phones.  Even by 2017 it is estimated that globally only one third of handset will be NFC capable and it is blocker for certain consumer facing applications. Secondly while NFC can be excellent technology for tracking,  security remains a concern and a connived vendor insiders can duplicate it as easily as paper photocopy (Xerox) without any trace. Though higher security is possible with NFC based on encryption and dynamic key exchange but cost of solutioning goes further up. In this context for certain segment of consumer facing applications, new paradigm of two-factor authentication card with pure smartphone play unlocks new possibilities for multiple market verticals. Payment application is one simple example.

smartDNA® enabled 2-factor authentication card (in credit-card form-factor) are battery-less cards those can be authenticated by smartphone alone. Apart from significant cost-advantage it also offers unparalleled security when compared to NFC. These cards do not require NFC enabled phone and smartDNA® being purely passive labels, tags can be even scanned on metallic surfaces. Data is securely stored in cloud. Cloud Memory is pointed by URL encoded in qrcode and qrcode is made duplication-proof by smartDNA®. Second factor of authentication can be secret PIN. smartDNA®  in form of self-adhesive labels, auto-acquires its per-piece unique credential as soon as it is applied on physical cards which gets auto-programmed with scan-able credential without needing any external device. smartDNA® credentials are inseparable DNA of physical card  & duplicate labels are detected as part of forensic verification instantly in-field.  Auto-program-ability, un-parallel security, seamless verifiability and cost-advantage together delivers a compelling value proposition for large-scale consumer application deployment.